The Network of Datamatics and Informatics (NoDI) hosted by Beihang University is dedicated to promoting research and education on mathematical, logical, and theoretical aspects of data and information sciences, with an attempt to help develop, establish, and enforce scientific collaborations by connecting international and Chinese researchers of mutual interest. The network provides support for scientific exchange, short-term research visit, joint supervision of Master and Ph.D. students, organization of conferences and workshops, and preparation of joint research projects. A series of seminars is organized monthly at Beihang University in the frame of the network.

NoDI is sponsored by the State Key Laboratory of Software Development Environment (SKLSDE) and the Key Laboratory of Mathematics, Informatics, and Behavioral Semantics (LMIB) of the Chinese Ministry of Education. Distinguished scientists interested in developing cooperation with NoDI participants are invited to contact Dongming Wang, Coordinator of NoDI, for joining the network.